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Areas to Consider

Over the few years ecocriticism, though once rooted in literary studies, has become an interdisciplinary study, collaborating with other disciplines of learning under the same umbrella of environmental humanities.  So, the present volume, though not limited, is going to cover not only literary texts but any other study that highlight encompassing theoretical, cultural, and ecological interpretive strategies from interdisciplinary perspectives as reflected in other disciplines of learning like natural sciences, ethics, politics, psychology, philosophy, history, economics etc. Though not limited, the following areas may be studied:

  • Affective ecocriticism
  • Anthropocene and ecocriticism
  • Art and ecocriticism
  • Climate change and ecocriticism
  • Elemental ecocriticism
  • Empirical ecocriticism
  • Environmental-Justice ecocriticism
  • Feminist ecocriticism
  • Food and ecocriticism
  • Material ecocriticism
  • Media/film and ecocriticism
  • National/continental ecocriticisms 
  • Place-based ecocriticism
  • Postcolonial ecocriticism
  • Posthumanist ecocriticism
  • Postmodern ecocriticism
  • Prismatic, dark, veer, queer ecologies and ecocriticism
  • Urban ecocriticism
  • Water and ecocriticism
  • Waves of ecocriticism